Thursday, September 18, 2008


Boston loves to sit in her designated spot when we watch Baby Einstein's. I'm to cheap to buy her a $35 Elmo chair, so I did the redneck thing!
Crissy and Josh came to stay with us for 5 days. They are our good friends from Monterey. They are moving to Hawaii in January. LUCKY DUCKS!!! Her husband learned Chinese and will be based at Hickham. Josh was born a month after Boston. They had a great time playing and hanging out. We went to the Zoo, Sea World and did laundry.

This picture was taken in Monterey right before we left. Man our kids sure do grow fast in 11 months!


Danell said...

Oh my goodness! Miken, it is so great to hear from you!!! I love how blogging allows people to find one another. I can't wait to catch up on your blog. What took you guys to Texas?
That is so nice of you to want to purchase a CD. I think you'll really enjoy his music. We really appreciate your support. Brenda (Matt's wife) really is amazing through all of this. She has a lot of support from Matt's family, but also from her own. I know she will greatly appreciate the help you are providing. Thank you!
Can you send me an email from your email account? This way I can give you all the details on how I can send you one. Mainly- I just don't want to put my mailing address on the internet. :)
Thank you again!!!


Sarah said...

Awwww, my two little prego friends. Miss you both. With i was doing laundry right there with you.

alison said...

Wow how fun to have your friend come stay for 5 days, I love the pict of Boss on her designated spot watching Baby E. on TV. SHe is getting so big, I can't believe you have another little baby growing in your belly now, can't wait to see that one, do you have any names picked out?