Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family Vacation 2008 Part One

Our first family vacation-the best part of this vacation is that it paid in full ;no debt what so ever!!! (yee-ha) what an amazing feeling!
We went to Utah, Wyoming and Yellow Stone National Forest.
These pictures are of us staying with Nate my brother in Centerville, UT. They were great host, we went to a fun little wave pool and my hot husband is not so white anymore:)

Deacon is sad we had to go!

This is the snake Phil rescued Aubrey from, Boston did not mind so much.
We went on a 3 mile hike every morning we were there behind Lagoon. It was beautiful.
Deacon and Boston had a blast together. By the end of the 3 days they were best friends. Feeding the ducks and Boston loved beating Deacon up; we have to work on using her strength correctly and not beating up boys.


Rich knows all said...

Yeah! Boston we don't raise sissy girls. We are tuff. You come from pioneer stock. Looks like you had a good time. Best part no bills. Good for you.

Nathan and Aubrey said...

Yeah, we Hunts don't raise sissy girls.....just sissy boys! Ü Hey, Boston ended the vacation by kissing Deac at Rodizio, so I'd say they're on good terms! We had a great time having you guys over.

Kiersten Kobel said...

Hey you guys were up in my old neck of the woods. It looks like a great vacation! Oh to answer your questions. Yes, Aaron still gigs. I quit work when the kid came. :~) And we would love to go to Six Flags. Maybe some day huh???

Sara said...

Okay, who does Boston look more like? She is so adorable. And by adorable I don't want to imply "sissy." Heaven forbid.

So glad that she's feeling better and your trip was great. I'll just keep living vicariously through your awesome vacations :)

Audycamp said...

ok your fat song by weird al is making me laugh so hard..oh miken you're so funny! looks like a great vacation:)

Sommer said...

Wish we could of met up at Trolley Square. Steve and I were in charge of Youth Conference that was ALL weekend long!
It looks like you had an amazing time! B is so cute in her swimming suit.

Ashley said...

I am glad you had fun and stayed within your budget. Hey I paid off my Credit Card finnaly yeah ha.

Mary Ann said...

What fun pics!! How fun for you to go on an amazing family vacation! Boston is adorable!! (Did she ever get tubes in her ears??)

alison said...

That looks awesome, nothing like vacation, and especially when you don't have to go into debt to go on it! I love that you went on 3 mile hikes each morning, that is great!!