Sunday, June 15, 2008

She's ONE

So our camera SUCKS. This is the only picture I could get before the batteries died and memory ran out. Thank goodness for disposable cameras-just have to wait for those. Yep Boston is one!
She survived her first year for life....and so did we!!!
11 Months old
10 months old, 6th round trip flight! 8 months old

7 months old-already wanting to drive.

6 months old

5 months old
4 months old
3 months old, 36 hour drive from Monterey, CA to San Antonio, TX.
2 months old
One week old
Seems like yesterday B was born. So I had this really cool idea of taking picutures everymonth with her Yellow blanket. We did great until about her 7th month. Oh well better luck with Baby number 2! Motherhood was everything I thought and did not expect, so many emotions all bundled up in a roller coster ride. Looking forward the next chapter in our lives with Boston. She has brought so much joy to our happy little home. Happy Birthday Boston, we love you.


Nathan and Aubrey said...

Was she ever really that small???? She is big and beautiful now! Happy Birthday B!!!!

Rich knows all said...

Happy Birthday Boston!!! Sounds like you had a great b-day. That mamma of yours takes lots of pics. love you little one. grams

Callie said...

Happy Birthday Boston! You are too cute, for the record your grandma hunts favorite. Goodluck with the doctors your in my prayers!

carebearsrock said...

i like her at 5 months old cause i took that picture.. lol.. ya right im making your quilts you owe them.. ya i just couldnt stop the day i started so it only took like 3 hours together.. you can do it..

Ashley & Matt Marx said...

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY! Boston you are too cute.

Marcia said...

I don't know if you remember me (I'm S. Koseki) but we served on Temple Square together and I also went to Oakland for my field assignment. Not when you were there but I went back to Temple Square when you came to the field.
anyways, your daughter is really cute!
this is my blog:

gunnarson said...

Happy 1st Birthday Boston! Geez, time flies, doesn't it? I am a bit behind on blog checking, but I loved the "Baby 4 Sale" pics. I totally know what you mean about having those days! Um... wait until she's two! haha, jk :)