Friday, May 9, 2008


Yep he's fighting for our rights! You can sleep better tonight knowing that information. My RAMBO is as redneck as they come, but he's done it for the past 2 years; 28 more to go! Here's to my Hero. He cleans up pretty good, gotta love a man in uniform.

To cute not to put in. Waiting for Phil's promotion ceremony.

Way to go Senior Airman Phil Harding

Graduating Goodfellow AFB for his current intelligence job.

Work party, any chance to get all dolled up-I'm there.

Early promotion-many more to come, we pray.

The morning after my thyroid surgery Phil had to leave to go to training for 8 weeks.
Basic Training, Lackland AFB, SAN ANTONIO, TX

I learned after 3 years of marriage my husband knew how to play the trumpet.

Thanks for all of your hard work for our country Phil. It's been an interesting 2 years. We have lived in Monterey, CA and San Antonio, TX. You even picked up some Arabic along the way. We have had a beautiful baby girl and have learned and grown in leaps and bounds. We have loved all the amazing people we have met along the road of life. We hope to continue to serve our God and country as long as we can. Phil you really do make a difference in the world we live in. Thank you so much for your selfless service to your family, country and Heavenly Father. I love you.


carebearsrock said...

since when do you like to get all dolled up?? lol. love ya hope everything is going good..

Audycamp said...

ok i love your GI Joe song!!! Thanks for your service to our country!!

huntfam said...

Thank you Phil for the defending our country!!
Miken, I didn't know that Ashley was your sister. She is seriously my inspiration. She kicks major butt!! It's going good for me, I need to work out more, but I have lost a few pounds. Slow and steady right? I wish it would all just fall off. But it is coming off!!

Tamarama said...

I love that you have the GI Joe theme song on your blog. Did you know a movie is being made?

By the way, this is Tammy Larsen from Pleasanton, California. My parents emailed me a while ago with your blog's URL. :)

Trumps said...

Those are some great pictures... Phil totally looks like rambo!!!! I had to laugh when i realized what song was playing... Hahaha that is AWESOME! We are so excited to see you if you come to Utah ;o)

Stephanie Snyder said...

Thanks Phil!

So, I did help Sarah create a blog. That's why her link is on mine but she hasn't actually started using it or inviting anyone yet. OF COURSE she'll be inviting you. Who know's when she'll start the blog though. Baby is coming in like 4 weeks!!

carebearsrock said...

thanks i got it from victoria's secrects online they have the best sales.. i went with my friend ed he is awesome known him for awhile now.. im doing pic for his office.. im so excited.. like big pic.

gunnarson said...

Tell Phil Congrats on the promotion and the two years! Little Boston is such a doll!

Nathan and Aubrey said...

Congrats! Time has gone by quick!

jenn said...

Next stop... Nellis Air Force Base!

alison said...

Thanks for your service to our country and all of us here!

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