Monday, April 14, 2008

The Total Money Make Over

WOW!!! Can I just say WOW. If you have never seen or heard of Dave Ramsey you need to get jump on the band wagon. He is on talk radio 550 AM M-F 1-4pm. Check him out at He's coming to Salt Lake City, any of you up there, go see it!!! He is the fiance guy who has all the right answers and is very very motivating! Thank you Dave for giving us the hope and way! We are "Gazzale Intense" Proverbs 6:4-5


Stephanie Snyder said...

You guys look great!

Sarah's baby shower is May 3rd. That would be so cool if you could come!!

carebearsrock said...

my apertment is not that nice but the door is alittle dusty its what i can afford with extra money not like im here all the time,. its on 67th ave and glendale there are alot of cops so i feel safe lol

Sara said...

So did you get the house?