Thursday, March 6, 2008

A new and cheap way of entertainment

We finally got out of the bike trailer and went on the swings! B loves to swing, she gets so excited when we pull up to the park. I love the simpleness of life again.


Knudson Family said...

I love her rosy cheeks!

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

Life is good when there's a swing.

And just because you asked so nicely. . . I'm back on blogger. . . I'm just gonna copy and past whatever I post on vox to blogger and visa-versa.

The question is should I make my blogger private. . . sometimes I post things that include my bro-in-law and it really ticks off his ex-wife (she reads my blog regularly that's why I moved to vox. . . so I can post somethings private and some things public.) If I do make my blogger private I'll definitely add you to my list of viewers. . . let me know what you think.
luvs and kisses,

Sara said...

Can we come to the park and play too?

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

Smart move with your Hawaii trip. We are going this summer so I'll have extra suggestions for you considering I haven't been back for over 4 years.

alison said...

Such a cutie! I miss pushing my babies in those swings, they grow up way too fast!

Rich knows all said...

Yay!! That's grammas girl. Have fun Boston. Life is way to short.