Friday, January 25, 2008

Look what I can do

"Doing the dishes are fun to to do"

So she has finally begun to pull herself up and crawl! What fun to watch her learn and explore new things at her level way down there in little people world. Makes you stop and wonder how amazing our Heavenly Father is with sending us here to earth to learn and grow. We come with everything we need all the working body parts but no instruction book-poor girl!!!


Sara said...

Such a sweetheart!!!

Oh, and you couldn't get rid of us if you tried.... when can we come visit?

Sommer said...

She'll be emptying and loading for you in no time. What a beautiful smile... she is so proud of herself!

Adrienne said...

What a cutie! Seriously, she is so beautiful!

Ashley & Matt Marx said...

She has such a great mommy to help show her the way.
Get that girl doing dishes as soon as you can.
Barefoot in the kitchen that is the way all women should be and when they are married, barefoot, pregant in the kitchen.
School is going good so far. I am not to stressed out yet that is good for me. Usually the first week is so overwhelming but not to bad so far.
What a novel I have written for you to read. Love ya

alison said...

Oh what a little cutie, I just want to reach through my computer and kiss her cheeks, she is so cute. I can't believe she is pulling herself up, I mean it seems like yesterday I found out you were preg. Time goes way too fast. Thanks for teh prayers by the way!

Nathan & Aubrey said...

That's right....put her to work early!

gunnarson said...

Too cute. She always looks happy.