Monday, December 17, 2007

New Christmas Tradition

So last year we had people over to make ginger bread houses, but out of graham crackers. This year we decided to take the challenge of making real ginger bread houses. Phil and I spent all day making the bread. What a blast!!! We had our group we do everything with over.
The Knudson's Final Product

The Elklund's final house-that eventually bit the dust. Sorry guys.

Our final bread house- the bread was not cooked long enough, so the walls caved in! opps...we'll know for next year.

Sam and his work in progress
Phil, the hostest with the mostest....making hot cocoa for everyone.

Trying to work the icing bag!
The Elkland's working hard!

The Villagomez's, Rami eating while Danille working!!!
What we started off with

To cute not to put in!


Ashley & Matt Marx said...

I don't think that I have ever made a ginger bread house. Looks like fun.

Hunt House said...

Icing...candy...ginger bread---but the *sweetest* thing has to be the last picture Ü

Camille and Jay said...

That is SO funny we made gingerbread houses, with real gingerbread this year too, and ours ending up collapsing after we decorated it!! O well it was a lot of fun anyway! Looks like a blast! Have a Merry Christmas!!

Sara said...

Leave it to you guys to start great traditions without us. Whatever. Oh and totally cute christmas card! MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

alison said...

Wow it looks like so much fun! You and Phil are so cute. Sorry yours caved in, I hate it when that happens.

The Elms Family said...

Those looked great! Ours didnt even make it home last year. LOL!!