Saturday, November 17, 2007

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This is a picture of an item we tried to pay someone to take at the yard sale today-no takers. It was a relief society craft I did last year-I paid $5 for it. Phil has given me crap ever since!!!


6 facts or habbits!!!

1. I absolutely love being a mom!!!

2. I have ridden over 4,000 miles on my bicycle.

3. I ate a bucket of red vines for my birthday one year all in the same day! YUCK

4. I love the color yellow.

5. I am afraid of rubber snakes but not real ones.

6. I have been playing the piano for 23 years! Oh my gosh I'm old.


Hunt House said...

Hey, I want to buy that BoM CD in the bottom of the picture. Since it costs .25 cents, how about I take the snowman off your hands then you'll owe me .25 cents.....then we'll be even?

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

That snowman reminds me of all the "homeless" people in SLC who are part of "the cardboard sign union."

I had no idea that you are afraid of rubber snakes. If I was mean I would send you a box full of rubber snakes for Christmas. But I love you too much to scare the stinkies outta ya!

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...
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Camille and Jay said...

4000 miles on a bike, you are amazing!! I would of taken your craft, I know how that is when you sign up for something at church and then think thats not really my taste but o well!! Have a happy thanksgiving!!

Mary Ann said...

So funny. I love the garage sell pics. I can tell you are a great mom! I love to read about your cute family!

The Elms Family said...

Our snowmans werent that sad. Where is his hat???? LOL ;)

Amie said...

Are you sure Andy didn't help you eat that bucket of Red Vines? Maybe you each had your own! He loves those things too! Boy did I crack up when I saw the sign saying you'd pay someone to take that snowman off your hands. You two are hilarious! Andy thinks the same thing about "holidayish" items. He makes fun of mine too! We just have to love 'em!