Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1st foods-what a trip!!!

Okay-so i really did not want to start solids at 4 months, but she is just not getting enough and she inhales all of what we feed her. What can we say she's a true mixture of both of us!
We have been feeding her Avocados and just started on sweet potatoes today. She loves them all, and is not even a messy eater! She does not get that trait from me!

Bath time is still every one's favorite time of the day-she gets that from her daddy!

Here's to my hot honey painting our living room. We love it!
Our best friends from AZ. Joel, Sara and Ben, Boston's best friend too! Joel is going to school to be a doctor and they just bought their first home! Yeah for them-Congrats!

Ben and Boston hanging out while their dads moved Sara's new piano.


TheElmsFamily said...

She is getting so big. Im glad your are putting Phil to work, its good for him. :)

Kristal said...

Oh really, your BEST friends from Az...whatever. Ok, but that last picture of the 2 babies..ADORABLE! We started Jaden on solids at 4 months, Kam at 5 months and our Boston at 6 months. And the messy kicks in at about 10 months. Enjoy the not messy. When are you gusy coming back to Az? Oh, and you look good. I like your hair long, even though I'm dying to chop my really really really short!

Stephanie Snyder said...

You guys look like you're doing good. I've checked your blog a few times to see an update so I'm glad you finally did. I know you're busy. Boston has grown! What a cutie.

Amie said...

Glad to see that you're getting all settled into your new home. Post some pics of looks nice and green. Boston is so cute, a perfect combination of you both!

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

How fun, Food, family room and friends.
I'm glad you enjoyed the pics of the reunion. I wish I took more. I'll keep you posted on when we're having our next one. Maybe we'll get to see you.

gunnarson said...

I love the new pics! Looks like you're all doing well and Boston is getting big! How fun and crazy that she's already 4 mths.

Anonymous said...

Hey KIDS!! You are the CUTEST...Miken, I think Phil better sign up for spin class...!

Hugs tol you 3<>G