Sunday, August 5, 2007

Daddy's Gone:(

We just need to teach her how to salute

Daddy's little solider

Daddy left and mommy dressed me in PINK....fru-fru pink!


Audycamp said...

Good Luck Miken w/out your hubby. Hopefully it zZOOMS by! You're so tough though. You'll do great! love ya,audy

Audycamp said...

OK miken I just looked at my name on the side & it's spelled wrong. You had it right the first time:)I'm now remembering your spelling habits you silly girl.(Audra)

Ashley Marx said...

Love the pink dress. Good luck with out Phil. Love ya

alison said...

WOW those picts look a lot like ones in my collection with my daddy holding me and in his Airforce attire. How cool.I love the dress Boston is wearing, that is gorgeous!