Monday, July 23, 2007

The Perfect Weekend

Boston's blessing was amazing. Phil did a really good job. The spirit was so strong and we had a great turn out. Both sets of grandparents were here and Matt and Ashley came from Vegas. We had a few friends from around town that came down. It was a very fun filled weekend with family and friends. Thanks to Boston comin into town. Oh yeah...Phil got stationed in Texas. We will be going to Brooks Air Force Base in October. We are looking forward to our new move.
Grandma Hunt made my beautiful dress

Photo shoot is officially over

Cousin Drew sitting in the clam

Grandpa Hunt taking Boston to the Aquarium.


Ashley Marx said...

We had such a good time. We love you so much.

Kristal said...

Grandpa Hunt...lookin good.
I LOVE her dress. It's beautiful! And I love her announcement...we just got it. So cute and yellowy. Um, how can you be excited about a move to Texas?! Hopefully you'll get out soon! I was really hoping you'd stay in MOntery til we could afford to come see you! Good luck with everything!

alison said...

I love the blessing pictures, how beautiul. Your mom is def. talented to make something so gorgeous. I love the pict with her hand by her face that says ;icture time is over, that is so cute. Well you two definitely make beautiful babies! I bet you are anxious to see what your next ones will look like! Congrats again.

alison said...

Yep still in good ol' Buckeye. We love it here. I am on summer break for another week and then it is back to schol for Kenz and back to work for me. :(
I love working at her school, but after all of being home and together as a family, it is so hard to go back and be on the road again all the time. I am seriously driving 3 hours a day getting to and from her school. Wish things were cheaper on that side of town. Oh well. Anyways it was great hearing from you, again your family is so sweet. SHe is a good lookin little girl. I am so happy for you!

Carrie said...

HOLY COW!!! MIKEN!!! Wow, it has been so long! I can't believe I found you. Your little girl is so beautiful. Congrats! Drop me a line

Kristal said...

I just got your post that you are coming on the 14th...that sucks! We're moving on the 11th! Up north. We won't be back down here for about a month! Shucks! I really want to do a Boston shoot! Come up to Joseph City...or Flagstaff!