Friday, July 6, 2007

Celebrating the 4th of July!

Well we are trying to be a little patriotic and Phil went crazy with the flags! We love our country and the freedoms we have because those that have served and are serving America. We are proud to be Americans!!! We hope to do as good as a job as our parents taught us in being patriotic and respecting our country and standing up for what we believe to be right.
Boston's first parade. She did great until the truck honked it's horn. She even dressed for the occasion, but it was cold we had her all bundled up.


Ashley Marx said...

It was cold on the 4th of July whatever. Well Charlie got cold too but she was in a pool all wet.

Audycamp said...

Oh how fun to see you as a Mommy! It's the best thing ever... & the hardest of course. Glad you're doing well-Audra:)