Friday, June 22, 2007

Boston's first week birthday!!!

Her first venture out in the real world and introduction to Target! Happy Birthday Boston!!!
Her very first bath! She actually did really good, got her to stop crying for a few seconds.

Boston's beautiful blanket a good friend made for her. Celebrating her one week Birthday!

Daddy is calming Boston before her first doctors appointment-before her first shot! Thanks Doctor Seuss.
All these activities were done in one day! She slept through most of it, except the painful parts.


Ashley Marx said...

She looks super happy in her bath. Phil is so cute with the baby carrier on, such a good daddy.
Love you Miken

Karen said...

What a heartwarming tribute to precious little Boston, her unbelievably handsome and strong and patriotic pappa and to YOU Miken, my dear Mormon friend and brand new mommy. You are a blessing and a joy. Let's plan on a visit before you leave for your next phase of earthly heaven.

Hawaii - oh i'm definitely hoping you get this great state for Phil's assignment - and you'd better get a biiiiig house for all the guests who will be coming to visit ;)

hugs and endless happiness,