Sunday, May 6, 2007

4 weeks left!!!

Hi everyone, I finally decided to join in and do what everyone else is doing. So you should do it too! I can't promise how often we'll keep this update but I'm sure once we get the hang of it, and actually use our camera!

The pictures are of just us here in Monterey the past year. Phil is doing great with school, he got a B and 2 C's on the last test he took-I'm so proud of him.

I'm still nannying and loving it. The girls are growing up fast. I've had serious the best job training in the past 8 months with Keria and Olivia. Hopefully Boston will love to be on a schedule. We are going to do the Baby wise theory. I've see it work with twins so why not for just one. Everyone asks if I'll be bored with one, but I'm sure Boston will keep me busy. I have the summer off and then I'll bring her with me to work. That will be a huge blessing.

Other than that life is good and all is well here in Monterey. Our baby blessing will be in July so if anyone can make money for gas!

Have a great week! Miken, Boston to be and Phil


Ashley Marx said...

SO glad you decided to join the blogging circle of the cool kids. Love you and hang in there this last month.

Mrs. C said...

Oh my Miken, this is great - what a cool way to keep uptodate with all that's going on in your life and loves...with those 2 awesome males, that is!!!

Maybe i'd better get me one of these blog thingys and a My Space too...oh MY!!!

Hugs & Happy almost-here Mother's Day!

Mrs. C said...

Oh-oh...i just made a gaf - Boston's a she, is she?! Sorry dear Miken. that i have this straight. How wonderful, a baby girl to spoil & dress in pink. Daddy's little girl ((^_^)).


TulipGrrl said...

Everyone I know who recommends Babywise tacks on the reminder to use "flexibility and common sense." This article I've found is good for helping with that:

Anonymous said...

Well you should feel honored to be the recipient of my first blog entry. Actually this is pretty cool. We sure miss you guys and are very excited about the new addition to your/our family. We hope to see you again someday.